Thursday, 25 February 2010

China is buying out IMF gold-RUN PEOPLE!!!

This should tell you where the world is going: down the toilet!!!

The Chinese got rid of ca. 48 bil USD of treasury bonds at the end of last year and now they will convert the money into gold and prepare for the apocalypse.

In the meantime, the rest of us will sit and stare helplessly at the sovereign debt collapse and the end of the dollar (perhaps also of the euro-unless the PIIGS countries turn things around fast).

Yep, ladies and gents, we'll be back to minting that good ole' metal money in no time! Then we will reverse the effects of the industrial revolution and we'll be lucky if we stop before we reverse the effects of the invention of agriculture and return to being a hunter-gatherer species!

To sum it up: buy precious metals and--horses, also a bit of land and a rifle!

That was the Veljko's world investment tip of the day!

Legalising drugs-a way out of the global crisis?

Responding to a comment posted on this blog (see Writing and intoxication), I wonder: could the legalisation of drugs be a way out of the global crisis?
Three arguments in favour:
1) Increased state revenues through taxation
2) The end of the druglords
3) Increased creativity and free thinking that may foster original ideas and leadership that could lead the world into a new phase.

Three arguments against:
1) Increased state revenues are part of the problem-not the solution?
2) The druglords would be replaced by the drug companies-similar business model, the difference being that the drug companies have nice websites?
3) Can we guarantee that increased use of "clean drugs" will yield the creativity needed for the next phase? Wasn't it the 1960s creativity that got us into the mess we are in now?

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Albania stalls organs enquiry-surprise, surprise

The Albanians are not cooperating with the UN on allegations of organ trafficking, says Philip Alston.
Well, why would they? Would you, if no-one forced you?
It is amazing how Serbia's cooperation is always sought with sanctions, bombs, or severe threats, while for Albania they send a university professor to ask them nicely.

Writing and intoxication

Does the production of inspiring literary works require a certain degree of intoxication? If so, how much and by which substance?

Rudeness and order

The rudeness of a large portion of young and relatively young people in modern Belgrade begs a question of fundamental sociological importance: can a complex, modern society function without the observance of rules of good conduct (other than the most basic biblical prohibitions against theft and murder)? I.e. beyond the oppressive rules of mandatory law, how much order is needed in an orderly society?